jimbos history 4Jimbo first landed in paradise in November of 1988. He accepted an invitation from friends who'd moved to St. Maarten four years earlier. As he puts it, "my buddy, Lenny met me at the airport brought me home where his wife Sadia, from Trinidad, had a great Indian meal prepared, and four of her best friends were there to meet me - all women! I fell in love ¦with St. Maarten and never wanted to leave." 

Three months later, Jimbo returned to St. Maarten to stay. "I shipped my waterbed (without the water!), my cat, my stereo, my books and my motorcycle. "

His first job was selling time-share at Pelican. Over the next year or so, Jimbo worked at various jobs, moved to Grand Case and "fell in love with a French girl named Lolo". On November 11, 1990 - St. Martin's Day, Jimbo and Lolo opened their first restaurant. The name of the place came easy to them - "JIMBOLOLO". "We both were lucky enough to have a following. Lolo had been the bartender upstairs by the pool tables at "Bar de la Mer" and I'd been the bartender at Cha Cha Cha. We were packed the first night." 

"It was a great place to meet people - people used to refer to it as a club." Jimbo was his own DJ and "never played more than one song from an album". His collection then was over 400 classic rock and roll CDs. 

One day, Jimbo started making his famous Chili Con Carne along side their barbecue menu. It was so popular that a friend suggested they do Tex-Mex. Within a few days, Jimbo and Lolo flew to San Juan, purchased the kitchen equipment needed, and one week later, Jimbololo was a true Tex-Mex restaurant. 

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Over the next five years, business prospered; Lolo returned to France to pursue her artistic talents as a painter; and then on September 5, 1995, Hurricane Luis changed the island and its citizens forever. "The only thing left of the restaurant was a bottle of Jaegermeister floating where the bar once was." 

After an extended "Easy Rider" trip around the U.S.A., another adventure as crew on an 80-foot Maxi Ocean Racer named "Kialoa V", and a brief stint as a carpenter's helper in Southampton, Jimbo, once again, returned to St. Martin. 

Over the next few years, Jimbo managed restaurants of friends, including "Reggae Cafe" and "The Greenhouse", until opening Jimbo's Mesquite Grill in early 2003 in Simpson Bay Marina on the Dutch side of St. Maarten. 

Since then, Jimbo's has grown into the best Gourmet Mexican restaurant on the island, still playing great tunes, serving up fresh Mexican food and fun drinks and packing in old familiar faces and new friends every day for lunch and dinner.